Saturday, December 10, 2011

a wreath with dad

The man who sold us our Christmas tree last week was happy to give us the left over clippings from the trees he had which was just perfect for the wreath that John and the kids made for our door. It is so much more fun making things yourself. As time goes by, I am spending more and more time making things myself. This year we are making gifts. My fridge is full of mason jars filled with all kids of things I make like yogurt, cultured veggies, chicken broth and soups. We grow more and more of our own food  and I am getting a little better at knitting.  Baby steps. Another thing that saves a lot of money and that my husband has learned to do is be the handyman around the house. He has learned to fix almost everything in the house and almost everything with the cars. He loves his old Honda that he can fix up when necessary and keep it running for hopefully a long time to come. Yes, I know,  it seems like the more difficult rout, especially with  3 children at toe, but it has proven to be quite the opposite for our family. All this "making" slows you down and focuses your life so that you feel more relaxed and in the present moment. If lack of "talent" is holding you back, think again. Read this little article. These steps we have taken into the world of self-reliance have brought us a feeling of confidence in our lives and appreciation for what we have and who we are.  It can be as simple as a Christmas wreath.

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