Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Jetta has been so great about not eating gluten. She asks everyone....is it gluten free? I can't eat gluten. ONLY GLUTEN FREE! She is a doll.
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Merry Christmas 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas day today. We had everyone over to our house for Christmas brunch with prosciutto Parmesan frittatas and potato pancakes with mascarpone cheese and smoked salmon. Jetta was so excited about the presents Santa brought and Pilot was thrilled to be in the middle s of all the commotion. He is now really walking. Right across the room. We all opened presents while the turkey cooked. I mad my grandmas oyster dressing (which turned out to be delicious) Before we sat done for breakfast we took a walk behind our house and took this picture. After dinner around 2pm, John and I made pecan pie (New Orleans style) and we all happily stuffed it down.I think it was a Christmas we will not soon forget. I know I had a wonderful time. Just having all my family around me was the best gift of all. My Mom being here has really been so wonderful.

Merry Christmas all!
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mister Sand Man

I told Jetta about the sand man the other morning when she asked me what what in her eyes in the morning. Now every morning she wakes up and says, "That sand guy threw sand in my eyes last night!"

Asleep in the snow

We went out sledding this morning and pilot fell asleep on the way
home. We thought he looked so funny. It takes flying through the snow
at below freezing temperatures to put this kid to sleep. Go figure!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I sang at an assisted living facility in Annapolis on the eve of Thanksgiving (When Grandma Died) a little tribute to Grandma and Grandpa. I sang all her favorite songs. I really felt that she and Grandpa would have loved that and the people appreciated it so much too. I know they are with us always and watching over us all.

End of Year Update -2007

Pilot has been attending my Kindermusik classes with Boo on Mondays. He is so funny, because you would think he would be chasing after the balls and instruments, but half the time he just sits there with no expression as if he doesn't know where he is. Funny. He is still keeping us up every hour all night, and Jetta is still sleeping through the night. She is even going potty in her own bathroom without waking us. What a doll. She is singing more than ever and loves to make up songs about her day. Pilots voice is so beautiful too. He is either toning or making cave man grunting sounds to express his feelings. We are looking forward to Boppy coming for Christmas. This year Jetta knows about Santa and she wrote him a letter. I wrote the body of the letter which she dictated, “Dear Santa, I want a horsey please, Love” and she wrote her name “TTJEA”. She knows the letters are in the wrong order, but as she says, “sometimes little kids like to spell things differently, right Mama?” Yes, thats right Jetta. Pilot can see a cord from a mile away. He has learned to unplug and was working very hard at plugging it back in until John put covers on them the other day. He still is not interested in books, but does like to eat chicken and plain raw yogurt now. He laughs all the time and just loves to watch Jetta entertain us all. We decorated our Christmas tree the other night and then Jetta started crying and we asked her why. “ because it is already dark outside and that means that Christmas is not her anymore and Santa never came so I can open my presents.” We had to explain to her about having to wait 24 days until Santa comes. I don't think she really got it because every morning she wakes up asking if it is Christmas today.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Favrite People

Pilot is saying Da Da and today actually said Cat Cat Cat when he was playing with Luna. We have had a few ruff weeks with everyone sick with colds and coughs. the hardest thing is being up in the night with Pilot coughing and gagging and sometimes vomiting up the mucus. Yuck!!
It is hard to be upset for long because both the kids are just so cute and wonderful. Jetta has really turned out to be such an angel. I took her to work with me today and she clapped along with the kids and they sang their song. She sate next to me and watched the class as she ate her snack of cucumbers. One of her favorite things to say is. "It is nice in your heart when you are nice to your brother" or" It doesn't feel good in my heart when you are mad at me" (that breaks my heart). And she is so funny, She found my razor and shaved her body. She nicked her nipple and now has 2 band aids that she is very proud of. Jetta is quite the artist. She can draw all the members of her family and is learning to spell words which she is so interested in.
Pilot is a little singer. It is actually more like toning. He sings long aahhhhhhhs and goes up and down the scale with them/ It is truly a beautiful sound to wake up to in the morning. I will never forget it. Sometimes we sing along with him and that just makes him so happy. His smile stretches for miles and I just love him for it.
I have Jetta on my lap now and the smell of her hair is so familiar. Every day I feel like I am falling deeper and deeper in love with my family. John is up in the night helping with Pilot and is always right there for me and the kids. Available to kiss any boo boo or talk about a hard day. He loves being a Dad and is just a natural. John, Jetta, and Pilot. I couldn't live without them. Life just wouldn't be so magical. I can't believe how lucky I am that we are all together.
Good night,

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pilot - 6 Months Old and Crawling!

Pilot officially started crawling 2 days ago and is already climbing up the stairs from our living room. He is so thrilled with himself and practices his new skill morning noon and night. Pilot is such a joy to have around. His personality is so happy and inquisitive. His eyes sparkle and draw attention everywhere we go. He can melt any heart with his toothless grin, even ours when he keeps us up all night. I would say, if I am going to have to nurse someone all night long and only get 1 hour of sleep at a time, I am glad it is Pilot. When he sees me it is as if he is saying, Hi Mommy! You have the best milk! Thank you SO much for giving me what I need. Your the best! So, with tiered eyes and a warm, fulfilled heart, I say, I can't imagine anyone luckier than me.
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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Magic TV Scarf

New rules in the house about TV.

Magic TV Scarf whenever you're down, we can't watch TV 'cause your not around.
Magic TV Scarf when you're up, we can watch one show because that's enough

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We are Just Big Kids

I have come to the conclusion that we (adults) expect way more out of our babies and children then we do ourselves (big people). Having a 4 month old who hasn't slept a full night since he was born and a little girl who cries at the drop of a toy, makes you have the sense that you have done something wrong. This time around I know better and am not obsessing over each monthly " milestone" and yet I have to wonder why every other parent in the world is getting SO MUCH SLEEP! Or are they?
Well, it dawned on me this morning how messed up we adults all are. With all the sleep meds, physiotherapists, divorces, family feuds, chronic pains, anger management issues, paranoia, addictions, and self absorption (the list could go on) ,why do we expect our children to be perfectly adjusted, ever happy, able to share their toys, fall asleep and stay asleep with ease, and never ever hurt anyone...........hmmm..........
It seems like great ideals, but the more you realize that we are just big kids who don't have a parent saying don't do this, be nice, go to your room, say your sorry, the better parents we will be. I know I am going to try a little harder to understand that these are real human feelings and instead of focusing on the kids being perfect, lets try and focus on our own big people messes. Maybe we all would do a lot better with a parent keeping us in line or maybe we should just trust that our kids will follow in our foots steps. Lets just hope these foots steps are going in the nice direction.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"The sky is here."

This morning I got into Jetta's bed with her to try and put her back to sleep. I had just a sliver of space between all her animals. I closed my eyes and Jetta said to me. "Mommy, wake up. The sky is here."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pilot 3 months, Jetta almost 3

Jetta is performing a little ballet dance with her class. She took pictures yesterday with her little flower tutu on. At first she was not going to put it on and started to cry. I felt terrible and told her she didn't have to. Then as she saw all her other little flowers friends running around she wanted to put it on, but made sure that I knew "no dancing, just pictures, OK?" that was so funny because she always loves class. I definitely don't have any expectations for the show. I just want her to have fun doing it.

We have also been going to the pool a bit. It took Jetta a few hours to get back into the 'swim' of things, but she is now trying to swim underwater and hardly comes up enough to take a breath. She loves it.

Pilot is such a character and has such a great disposition. He seems to be tickled by everything and everyone. I will catch him looking at me while I am talking to someone and as soon as I give him eye contact he will break out into the most infectious smile I have ever seen. We are still up a lot with him in the night (nursing, not crying), but Jetta sleeps in her own bed!(her new PINK bed :-)) Most nights I just read her a book , turn out the light and give her a big hug and kiss. I leave the room and I hear her tucking in her bear or doll, whichever she has decided to sleep with that night. I am always in shock as I close the door to my bedroom. I never thought this day would come. All the night time parenting with Jetta and sleepy sleepy days were all worth it. This time around with Pilot, both John and I are just savoring every moment, because we now know it will end sooner than later.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pilot Chandler Earle-Smith

Dear Friends and Family,
I would like to introduce you to Jetta's new brother,
Pilot Chandler Earle-Smith.
Born on Saturday, March 3, 2007, at 6:23 pm.
He was 7lb 14.5oz and 20in long.

"Birth Day Story"

The day of his birth was quite magical. I woke up to some contractionsI though may be labor, but went to teach my voice class because I wasn't sure. It was such a gorgeous day that after my class I made a picnic lunch (bratwurst sandwiches) and invited Boo to come downtown to the park with us. After eating lunch on the park bench we strolled down to the dock to feed the ducks, and ran into Jetta's best friend, Diane, and her parents (and our good friends). I let everyone know I thought I might be in labor and we we went about enjoying the morning in the sun. I really had such a wonderful time talking and laughing (working through contractions all the while). At about 2pm John thought we should go home and so we went. I snuggled with Jetta and put her down for a nap as she cuddled with Pilot (in my belly), telling him how much she loved him, Saying, " You my best baby". I got up and walked down stairs to call the midwives and see what we should
do next. At that point the contractions got stronger and by 4 we were
making snacks to take to the birth center with us. Boo came over to watch Jetta and we were on our way. I still had this feeling that when we got there the midwife would tell me I was only 2 or 3cm but upon arrival at 4:45 I was 8cm! I couldn't believe it. I guess I wasn't making the whole thing up huh? So I labored in the tub for a while with John doing an upside down bench press hip squeeze on me (can you
picture that) while I am moaning, HARDER (I thing he got the workout of his life). I ended up pushing him out a little less then 2 hours after arriving and just as the the total lunar eclipse was takingplace. I could not believe that he was really here and so beautiful and perfect. I feel so grateful to everyone who was there helping make this birth so special. John was my strength both mind and body and continues to amaze me. Jessica, my sister, was my Doula and brought such a healing energy to the birth. Pilot is so lucky to have the best aunt in the world. And my midwives were wonderful. When I thought I couldn't do it, they just continued to believe in me and remind me of my power as a birthing woman. Pilot was nursing within 30 minutes of being born and hasn't stopped yet. We came home from the birthing Center that night at about 10:30pm and had a blissful night together with our new little boy. Grandma Boo has been SO AMAZING. She has taken Jetta to her house and watched her for us with such joy and openhearted nature. She has given us the gift of this time with Pilot. Jetta has come to visit each day and just loves her new brother. She still doesn't know why he can't "do anything" yet. I told her, soon he will be chasing you around the house and playing. Pilot has the most gentle disposition and seems to be a very happy baby. We are still adjusting to everything but feel so blessed and joyous to share this good new with all of you. We love you all and can't wait for you to meet our little Pilot.
with deepest love,
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Sauerkraut Anyone?

She just loves to eat sauerkraut. This is Jetta yesterday afternoon eating a little snack of it. It is a testament to Nourishing traditions and to giving your children these traditional foods. She loves them and asks for them daily!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jetta, Pilot and Mommy

I am so happy have this picture of us. It really captures the love and joy we have for one another. Thanks to Aunt Jessica for the beautiful photos. Jetta is just so in love with her Aunt Jessica and talks about wanting her to come over and take pictures of us again. I think she is a natural in front of the camera. She made me feel more comfortable too.

Friday, February 09, 2007

We all have babies!!!

Well, Pilot will be born soon and we are all so excited. Jetta is so thrilled already. She plays with him all the time. Singing to him, telling him stories, cuddling with my belly, wanting to feel him kick Mommy, and just always wanting to touch my belly and give him lots of hugs and kisses. She just loves her little brother and talks about him being born in March all the time. She says "I am going to be too excited to see my little brother!!!" Now she has decided that she too has a little baby in her belly, and her name is Puma. And Puma is going to be born in March too. She and Pilot will hold hands and play together. She makes us feel Puma kicking her belly and shows us where the head is and foot. Sometimes Jetta eats too much ice cream and Puma gets sick. She says, "I think Puma's sick" The most recent addition to the family is the baby that is in Daddy's belly. And that baby's name is Pinap. "We all have babies!" Jetta yells with glee.

The Best Mommy

Most days I lay down with Jetta for her nap and she takes my face in her hands and pointing her little finger in my face says, "look at me, look in my eyes. You da best Mommy. You da best Mommy. You da best Mommy. You da best Mommy. You da best Mommy! We love each other. " and gives me a big squeeze around the neck. What a compliment coming from my little girl. Wow!