Thursday, May 05, 2011

Garden Update

Last weekend we continued work in our garden/farm .John used his herculean strength to move these massive pieces of wood into a nice little paths so the kids could play on them and they would have some visual appeal. And here are 2 of my little blueberry bushes. I think they like their new home.
A little pumpkin sprout is popping up.
We had to build a little sand box for the kids to play in.  Out with our old one with the lid to keep it dry and in with a simple frame and some sand that gets wet and is wonderful for making castles, pies, cakes, and anything your little hands can create.
The kids really loved the new layout and used the wood for all kinds of pretend play.

And we must have a little rope to swing across the sand  from stump to stump.

We finished planting the rest of the garden. Updates to follow.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Picking weeds

The garden and yard is always full of weeds that need to be picked. The kids love them and always find beauty in each little one they find. We have tiny bouquets all over the house. We have also started to enjoy eating them. We have learned about so many different weeds that are edible and delicious. The kids run out in the yard and grab some chickweed to munch on and my sister in law turned me on to a big patch of wild garlic mustard that I picked and made a yummy little salad with. Yes, we are growing all kinds of veggies now in our new garden beds, but I want to make sure that we don't forget natures gift of all the beautiful and yummy weeds that grow all around us.