Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pilot - 6 Months Old and Crawling!

Pilot officially started crawling 2 days ago and is already climbing up the stairs from our living room. He is so thrilled with himself and practices his new skill morning noon and night. Pilot is such a joy to have around. His personality is so happy and inquisitive. His eyes sparkle and draw attention everywhere we go. He can melt any heart with his toothless grin, even ours when he keeps us up all night. I would say, if I am going to have to nurse someone all night long and only get 1 hour of sleep at a time, I am glad it is Pilot. When he sees me it is as if he is saying, Hi Mommy! You have the best milk! Thank you SO much for giving me what I need. Your the best! So, with tiered eyes and a warm, fulfilled heart, I say, I can't imagine anyone luckier than me.
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