Thursday, December 08, 2011

living without pain

I have to tell you about a very special person today. Dr. Mario DiSaverio. I am so grateful to him for helping me and my family to live happier and healthier in our bodies.

I have always had neck and back pain, but about 15 years ago I was in a car accident that left me with whiplash which increased the pain to a new level. I was in such severe pain all the time that I couldn't even lift my arms. I saw every chiropractor, massage therapist and doctor I could to try and stop the pain, but as soon I would leave the office, the pain would return. I learned to live with the pain for the most part but recently I am living pain free the majority of the the time. What did I do? Well, I was lucky to have Mario, a Network chiropractor, in my family. I would see him periodically with great results, but for the past few years I have been seeing him weekly and my body is feeling great. Even with all the baby carrying and lack of sleep I can say I have never felt better. The amazing part of it is that what he does is so gentle that you hardly feel a thing. What you do notice though is that over time you are able to self correct and do not have to rely on someone forcing your body into the "correct" placement like most chiropractors. I tried that for years. I would feel great when I left the office and then turn to look at something and bam I could feel everything pop right back out. With Mario it is a slow, gentle and stable process that eventually leaves your body with the tools to work itself out. I grew up taking Tylenol all the time and I never thought I could be head ache free, but with Mario's help I am.  I just have to share my experience as I feel that it could really help so many of you. I saw him right through my pregnancy and he even treats my children and they love it. 

I asked Mario to explain what he does and he said "I utilize gentle pressure where your body is receptive to receive a force in relation to your presenting pattern of distortion.  Consequently, your innate intelligence becomes more acutely aware of the pattern and dissolves the core tension associated with it.  As a result, your body self corrects and becomes more self corrective in the process."

So if you are anywhere near Annapolis and are interested in finding out more, here is his website: 

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