Thursday, December 29, 2011

Celebrating Mom with a Yule Log

We spent the morning preparing a yule log birthday cake for my mother, or Boppy, as the kids call her. We woke up before the sun and started preparations for this very special day. As smells of chocolate filled the air the kids were busily creating colorful birthday cards while the baby slept and I had a few minutes to think about this person who is my Mother. I thought about my life with her as a child, just the two of us, as she strived so hard to make our life full of joy and love. I think of her as she struggled mothering me through my teen years and wish I could have been able to tell her I would turn out alright. I think about how much heart wrenching pain she felt as she selflessly gave all of herself to care for her mother when she was ill. I think of how she stood by me while I searched for myself and my calling. And now the time and energy she devotes to me and my children each day is a blessing I can only be thankful for.  What she gives is herself and what she gets in return is a whole lot of love from all of us. She is an outstanding person who many love and I am just so lucky that she is my Mother.  I pinch myself everyday that she lives right around the corner from me now and I get to see her almost every day. When I see her walk through the door, I feel like everything is just as it should be. Us together again after so many years living so far away. Yes, this feels so right. So we decided to make her a very special cake to say we love you and happy Birthday.

Jetta also knitted her a scarf that I think suits her perfectly.

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boatbaby said...

You are very lucky to have your mom in your life :) And way to go Jetta on the fabulous knitting!