Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Favrite People

Pilot is saying Da Da and today actually said Cat Cat Cat when he was playing with Luna. We have had a few ruff weeks with everyone sick with colds and coughs. the hardest thing is being up in the night with Pilot coughing and gagging and sometimes vomiting up the mucus. Yuck!!
It is hard to be upset for long because both the kids are just so cute and wonderful. Jetta has really turned out to be such an angel. I took her to work with me today and she clapped along with the kids and they sang their song. She sate next to me and watched the class as she ate her snack of cucumbers. One of her favorite things to say is. "It is nice in your heart when you are nice to your brother" or" It doesn't feel good in my heart when you are mad at me" (that breaks my heart). And she is so funny, She found my razor and shaved her body. She nicked her nipple and now has 2 band aids that she is very proud of. Jetta is quite the artist. She can draw all the members of her family and is learning to spell words which she is so interested in.
Pilot is a little singer. It is actually more like toning. He sings long aahhhhhhhs and goes up and down the scale with them/ It is truly a beautiful sound to wake up to in the morning. I will never forget it. Sometimes we sing along with him and that just makes him so happy. His smile stretches for miles and I just love him for it.
I have Jetta on my lap now and the smell of her hair is so familiar. Every day I feel like I am falling deeper and deeper in love with my family. John is up in the night helping with Pilot and is always right there for me and the kids. Available to kiss any boo boo or talk about a hard day. He loves being a Dad and is just a natural. John, Jetta, and Pilot. I couldn't live without them. Life just wouldn't be so magical. I can't believe how lucky I am that we are all together.
Good night,