Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We Have a New Home

It has been a long time since my last post. So many things have happened. We have moved to Annapolis and have a new home that I just love! It is just perfect for us and walking distance to down town. We are enjoying the slower, less trendy pace here in our boating town. I do miss my friends a lot and miss going out for our favorite Indian lunch in Hoboken. Some things can be replaced with a new favorite Thai restaurant, but other things will never be replaced and will never leave my heart. Just thinking of some of the people we left brings tears to my eyes. Hopefully we can make such wonderful friends here too. Jetta is loving Aunt Jessica and Uncle Mario and their community pool. She has made many pool friends and is going under water all by herself. She is just on the verge of swimming on her own. My Mom has been here the whole summer and Jetta goes back and forth from snuggling up with her on the couch with a good book, just loving her Boppy, to yelling her head off, "No Boppy, It's mine" for now apparent reason. We still can figure out the workings of Jettas brain. Ha! . It is wonderful being near all of our family and we are still just getting ourselves adjusted. Some big news.....I'm pregnant! I wonder if it will be a boy. I hope we will come up with a good name. It's a hard job to name a human being I think. I am feeling very tiered and somewhat nauseous all the time. Fun Fun Fun! We are very excited though, but of course nervous too. Jetta has her own bed in our room now and sleeps there about have the night. I am still nursing her and have no plans to stop before the baby is born. I guess we will play it by ear, heart and nipples. So, we are sort of caught up now....talk later.