Tuesday, December 20, 2011

his own tree swing

I love watching my son, who is just 4 years old, get an idea, and without even asking for help, take all the steps necessary to follow through with it. The other morning at ruffly 6am I was sitting on the couch reading and nursing the baby when Pilot got the idea and burning desire to build a tree swing in our front yard tree. I told him he may want to have daddy help and that I wasn't even sure if the tree was big enough to hold a swing. He was un-phased by my suggestions and just went right on collecting all the supplies he would need and, still in his pajamas, went outside to work on it. About 20 minutes later I looked out the front window and to my surprise he was swinging from the tree on his new swing with a huge satisfied smile on his face. Never underestimate a 4 year old.


Ducky said...

What a JOY! He is one to keep an eye on. I expect to see him on Google with the next "can't live without" invention! (love the pants btw)

Em S said...

Wow...that is impressive! That tree doesn't look all that sturdy with him standing in it!