Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pilot makes a "Momo"

Pilot makes motorcycles every day. This was a fun one made using a guitar stand.
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Good friend over to play

Our friend Rain cam over to play.

They love dressing up and running around, so proud of they bellies.
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Decorating the Tree

It is so much fun finding all the ornaments from my childhood and sharring stories with the kids.

Pilot never lets go of a tool.

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3 Anual Christmas Tree Cutting

Pilot fell through the ice into a puddle of freezing water so he had to take off his pants and be held in a blanket.

Jetta helped Daddy cut down the perfect christmas tree.
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Pumpkin Pies x4

The kids helped me make 4 pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. We made them with organic pumpkin, raw cream, date sugar, farm eggs and made the crust with soaked millet and brown rice flour. They were Delicious!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Jetta just LOVEs her Ballet Class with Ms. Morgan. She is in Ballet 1 this year and has been working on the Nutcracker this month.

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Clay, Math and Ice Cream

Jetta wants to take her friends to get ice cream, so she has been saving her money in the bank for a few months now. We got her Bank statement in the mail and we did some math to find out how much more money she needed until she would have enough for the outing. We got creative using clay so she could visualize the ice creams she would need and how many dollars( the blue clay) she would need for each bowl of ice ream. She really enjoyed the whole process of working this out. I enjoyed it myself!
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Volcano with Dad

John helped the kids make volcanoes out of paper and a glass after Pilot got a Volcano book from the library. He loves volcanoes now and both kids loved seeing their volcanoes erupt on the kitchen table.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Painting Pumkins

We brought the pumpkins home and let the kids paint them. Too bad I made a mistake and gave them the wrong paint. The next day they went out to get their pumpkins after they had dried and Pilot came back as a green monster cover from head to tow in paint

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Find my Book

We have library day every Thursday and Pilot alwasy picks out a plane or Fireman book. He just loves his books and sometimes will wake up in the night looking for them and won't go bakc to sleep until he finds them.

Boppy reading Pilot a book.

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