Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring has sprung! - Garden update

 So, as you can see, Spring has Sprung here in our garden. As usual, we are busy working and making changes and enjoying our time on this little piece of earth. John built us a new deck in the garden so we can enjoy all the life that is growing around us. And he built this cute little bridge to take us of the gully to our chickens and berry gardens. It makes me so happy every time I walk across it. Thanks honey!

 :: I let my back choi flower for the bees to enjoy
 :: tiring to help these peas climb
 ::squash......I hope the squash bugs doing get them this year.
 :: Lots of lettuce
 :: I planted blueberries all over the garden and they are thriving!

 :: Chard and some kind of lettuce.
 :: Just waiting for the cucumbers to climb their way up.
 :: New Entrance......pretty fancy! Got it 70% off at a garden store last week.
 :: My friend gave this too me last year. So pretty! (what is it called?)
 :: Apples popping on "Apple" the apple tree. (how many times can I say apple in one sentence.?

 :: Lemon balm patch.....makes the best "happy tea"
 ::Sage in bloom!
 :: Our Hugel is doing well
 :: View of new deck....now for a bar-b-q

 ::The chickens are so fabulous and easy pets to have
 :: Garden I made right on top of my compost. Easy!
 :: Another little area to play in near the chickens.
 :: Spring Onions in front yard

You know,  I would not call myself a gardener, although I love to garden. I am not an expert and that doesn't stop me. What I love about it is that you can try anything and make lots of mistakes and still have fun. Both my successes and failures are equally as enjoyable and I am always learning and in a state of amazement at the miracles in nature. Most of the time I forget what I even plant. I just love throwing some seed in the ground and hoping for the best. That way is it all the more exciting to see it come up and then eventually land on your plate, even if I am not always sure about what it is exactly. Best of all, gardening is my chance to get my hands dirty and forget about being perfect or doing things right. It is all about just being there and doing it.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hope you had a wonderful May Day.

I am blessed with a beautiful community. Thank you.

Happy May Day

Today I feel gratitude for all that is. I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes remembering those that I will never hug again, but today I must look ahead. It is May Day. Spring is hear and new life is growing. Buds, sprigs, babies of all kinds are growing strong and vibrant as they should be. Although their strength is interdependent on the life that came before them, it is their turn to bask in the sun. And it is my turn to hold my loved ones close and feel the warmth on my back letting me know I am here and I am safe . It seems unfair to me that there must be death for new life. But It is that process of letting go and yet holding on at the same time to that spark. that love, that strength.....  that the torch of life is passed on and never dies. 
Happy May Day!