Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Jetta has been so great about not eating gluten. She asks everyone....is it gluten free? I can't eat gluten. ONLY GLUTEN FREE! She is a doll.
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Merry Christmas 2007

We had a wonderful Christmas day today. We had everyone over to our house for Christmas brunch with prosciutto Parmesan frittatas and potato pancakes with mascarpone cheese and smoked salmon. Jetta was so excited about the presents Santa brought and Pilot was thrilled to be in the middle s of all the commotion. He is now really walking. Right across the room. We all opened presents while the turkey cooked. I mad my grandmas oyster dressing (which turned out to be delicious) Before we sat done for breakfast we took a walk behind our house and took this picture. After dinner around 2pm, John and I made pecan pie (New Orleans style) and we all happily stuffed it down.I think it was a Christmas we will not soon forget. I know I had a wonderful time. Just having all my family around me was the best gift of all. My Mom being here has really been so wonderful.

Merry Christmas all!
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Mister Sand Man

I told Jetta about the sand man the other morning when she asked me what what in her eyes in the morning. Now every morning she wakes up and says, "That sand guy threw sand in my eyes last night!"

Asleep in the snow

We went out sledding this morning and pilot fell asleep on the way
home. We thought he looked so funny. It takes flying through the snow
at below freezing temperatures to put this kid to sleep. Go figure!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I sang at an assisted living facility in Annapolis on the eve of Thanksgiving (When Grandma Died) a little tribute to Grandma and Grandpa. I sang all her favorite songs. I really felt that she and Grandpa would have loved that and the people appreciated it so much too. I know they are with us always and watching over us all.

End of Year Update -2007

Pilot has been attending my Kindermusik classes with Boo on Mondays. He is so funny, because you would think he would be chasing after the balls and instruments, but half the time he just sits there with no expression as if he doesn't know where he is. Funny. He is still keeping us up every hour all night, and Jetta is still sleeping through the night. She is even going potty in her own bathroom without waking us. What a doll. She is singing more than ever and loves to make up songs about her day. Pilots voice is so beautiful too. He is either toning or making cave man grunting sounds to express his feelings. We are looking forward to Boppy coming for Christmas. This year Jetta knows about Santa and she wrote him a letter. I wrote the body of the letter which she dictated, “Dear Santa, I want a horsey please, Love” and she wrote her name “TTJEA”. She knows the letters are in the wrong order, but as she says, “sometimes little kids like to spell things differently, right Mama?” Yes, thats right Jetta. Pilot can see a cord from a mile away. He has learned to unplug and was working very hard at plugging it back in until John put covers on them the other day. He still is not interested in books, but does like to eat chicken and plain raw yogurt now. He laughs all the time and just loves to watch Jetta entertain us all. We decorated our Christmas tree the other night and then Jetta started crying and we asked her why. “ because it is already dark outside and that means that Christmas is not her anymore and Santa never came so I can open my presents.” We had to explain to her about having to wait 24 days until Santa comes. I don't think she really got it because every morning she wakes up asking if it is Christmas today.