Friday, October 17, 2008

Enough love to go around


The Kids are growing up so fast before my eyes. I can not hug them enough or say enough I love yous in one day to even touch on the amount of love my heart has for them. Jetta is becoming such a wonderful friend to me. We cook together and talk all day about anything and everything. Just yesterday we were walking back to the studio form bb bistro and she was just making me laugh and laugh and I thought to myself, "wow, I helped create this amazing child who I enjoy so much and that makes me laugh out loud! Wow! That is pretty amazing." She is an exceptional child, and we all love her so much. the pure joy that Pilot has when he sees her is beautiful. Of course, in the next minute she takes his toy and that joy is wiped of his face as fast as it another story. Ha! That's reality for you.

continues to be a joy in the family. He only has a few "half" words like, Bu for bird, monk for monkey, ca for car, es for yes, and some whole clear words like up, mama, daddy, jetta, truck, and no. He loves to say no and has many different ways to say it. His cute lips pucker out and he really exaggerates the sound like, " noooooooooo!" He did put 2 words together the other day. He was asked if he wanted to go to Grandma Boo's house and go to the park and he say "noooooo" and then said "es (yes) Boo!"
We celebrate the little things.
We are grateful for each day we have together.
I hope there are many more

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Good Night, See you when the sun is bright........

Our nightly falmily sleeping routine.....
we go through the whole tucking in routine.... night night.. sleep tight.. see you when the sun is bright.... check on me 10 times in 1 minute... when i stop singing, come check on me.... i have to go the bathroom.... ok, i have to give mommy and pilot one last hug... ok, good night, see you when the sun is bright... i need a drink of water... (drinks all water)... go fill up my water and then check on me when you bring it in...
by the time i bring the water in, she is sound asleep. i'm able to stroke her forehead and give her a kiss...
we say good night to mommy (another whole good night routine involving blowing kisses and last minute "i'm feeling hungary" runs to the kitchen for keefer or cheese) and pilot and i head for the basement. once in the basement, pilot settles in on the pull out couch, pulls the covers up to his chin and nestles comfortably in the crook of my arm and chest. i watch a little tv and he drifts off to sleep. he would never ever just lay next to priscilla and drift off to sleep. not without incessant demands for nah-nahs.
after pilot falls out i might pay some bills, catch up on work, or just watch a little tv, but one thing is constant. around 9:30 or 10 i'll hear the pitter patter of feet across the ceiling and the opening of the basement door... bang as it hits the pantry shelves. the creak of the stairs as feet come down. not the quiet stepping of an adult trying to make there way in silence, but the hard stepping, thumping of a 4 year old, half asleep, feeling her way down to the basement. her bed for most of each night. she walks by with her eyes squinting... her face all squinched up.. sometimes with her arms completely covering her eyes. she marches straight to her bed, as instructed (so as not to wake up pilot), straightens her covers.... and climbs in. sound asleep within 3 seconds.
why don't we just tuck her in to bed in the basement in the first place? she spends about 2 hours in her own bed each night... but i smile and am filled with the greatest joy each night when i hear those thudding, half asleep footsteps passing overhead. i like to give her a little wave which is always returned with a big wild wave and a whisper, "hi daddy... i just had to come down cause i missed you and i love you... good night"

~John (Daddy)
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