Tuesday, December 13, 2011

this makes me happy

My Mother and my Mother in law took Jetta and Pilot to the Children's Museum of Baltimore for the day. Pilot is still talking about being inside that bubble.  I count my blessing every day that these 2 wonderful women are in our lives. I was always so close to my Grandmother and now my kids get to have that x 2 living right around the corner. Not only are they wonderful Grandmothers and Mothers, but they are also two of my very best friends.  
Who could ask for anything more?


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very sweet post. It is awesome you are so close to both. I love that bubble thing too.

Jessica said...

How wonderful to have grandmas so close!!! Bet the grandmas are thrilled about that too.

em said...

That is so wonderful to have them in their life!