Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We are Just Big Kids

I have come to the conclusion that we (adults) expect way more out of our babies and children then we do ourselves (big people). Having a 4 month old who hasn't slept a full night since he was born and a little girl who cries at the drop of a toy, makes you have the sense that you have done something wrong. This time around I know better and am not obsessing over each monthly " milestone" and yet I have to wonder why every other parent in the world is getting SO MUCH SLEEP! Or are they?
Well, it dawned on me this morning how messed up we adults all are. With all the sleep meds, physiotherapists, divorces, family feuds, chronic pains, anger management issues, paranoia, addictions, and self absorption (the list could go on) ,why do we expect our children to be perfectly adjusted, ever happy, able to share their toys, fall asleep and stay asleep with ease, and never ever hurt anyone...........hmmm..........
It seems like great ideals, but the more you realize that we are just big kids who don't have a parent saying don't do this, be nice, go to your room, say your sorry, the better parents we will be. I know I am going to try a little harder to understand that these are real human feelings and instead of focusing on the kids being perfect, lets try and focus on our own big people messes. Maybe we all would do a lot better with a parent keeping us in line or maybe we should just trust that our kids will follow in our foots steps. Lets just hope these foots steps are going in the nice direction.