Sunday, March 29, 2015

Unschooling our lives

We have recently embarked on a new journey as a family. Well, truthfully this journey has been underway for some time now, but has been picking up speed lately and seems to have a known course. I am talking about unschooling. Over the years we have gone from planning to send our kids to public schools to realizing that homeschooling was much more a part of who we are. Now we are feeling like life brings us enough learning opportunities that forced school is not for us. Over the many conversations with other homeschooling Moms, countless books and web articles read, and seeing the benefits first hand of letting kids be free to learn in their own way and time, we have decided that unschooling seems to be a good fit for us.

So what is unschooling? Well, I think that there are so many answers to that question. This is a good website to help understand it a bit more: But for me, it means that I practice seeing life as a constant learning experience letting go of the idea that my kids need me to teach them. They may want me to teach them some things sometimes, but mostly they are content just doing it in their own way. I want to let my kids enjoy life as it unfolds and I see how much they thrive when they are given that freedom.   Childhood is not a rehearsal for adulthood.

 I plan to share some of our experiences in this new found way of living with you. With 3 children running around, 2 babies in arms, and so much life to experience, I will do my best to share when I can. We are excited and feeling a sigh of relief looking forward to each day.