Thursday, October 29, 2009

Painting Pumkins

We brought the pumpkins home and let the kids paint them. Too bad I made a mistake and gave them the wrong paint. The next day they went out to get their pumpkins after they had dried and Pilot came back as a green monster cover from head to tow in paint

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Find my Book

We have library day every Thursday and Pilot alwasy picks out a plane or Fireman book. He just loves his books and sometimes will wake up in the night looking for them and won't go bakc to sleep until he finds them.

Boppy reading Pilot a book.

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Onion Cry Baby

Jetta's first try cutting onions was a success. She always wondered why onions made people cry, and she now knows.

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Ladder Makking

John spent the afternoon helping the kids make a ladder. Pilot has been tlaking about wanting a ladder for a long time and I wa rather impressed by how it turned out. The kids love it and it has brought them a new level
of independance that they are enjoying.

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Pilot a creative flying version of spider man and jetta is a super hero.

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Reading todether

Jetta loves reading to Pilot as much as he loves listening to her read.
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Naval Acadamy trip

We visited the Naval Academy this week. We enjoyed walking through the boat museum and then took a walk through the park.

"My favorit thing was seeing what the sailors would eat. old Meat and Cheese. " Jettta-5

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We went to the pumkin patch and picked out a bunch of pumkins at the church the other day. They had fun crafts for the kids that they loved.
"My favorite thing was playing in the pumkin patch! There were orge pumkins, white pumkins, blue pumkins, red pumkins, bumpy pumkins, black pumkins, purple pumkins, tall pumkins and tiny pumkins!"

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Beach Treck

Pilot loves bringing his planes everywhere, even to the beach. This was the coldest windiest day and he still didn't want to wear his jacket.

We followed Jettas footprints from one end of the beach to the other. She loves being the leader.

I just love that the kids are so close to each other. They play so well and take care of one another. I believe that homeschooling will just help us to foster this closeness as they grow older.

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Windy Beach Day

This was such a beautiful day at the beach. The wind was so strong that Jetta had to put her skirt on her heat because she din't bring a hat. The unfortunate thing was that right after this, Jetta came down with an ear infection but was able to fight it off with lots of raw garlic and warm oil ear drops.

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We spent a lot of time in the pool this summer and Jetta continues to take lessons at another pool. Jetta learned how to tread water, and started to learn to dive as well. Jetta loved going on the diving board and did such a great job. We only had a few close calls where she almost jumped on top of another child because she jumped whithout looking.

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Money in the Bank

I took the kids to bank to get them a bank account. Each month when they get their statement in the mail they count their money and take it to the bank to make a deposit. They are really enjoying the whole process.

"It was a very very very fun time because we got to get new piggy banks and we got to go in and see where they put our money. I am saving all my money so I can take all my friends and family to a movie and ice cream because I thought it would be fun for everyone." Jetta - 5
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CEC Gardens the old Annapolis Railroad

We are so lucky to have the right behind our house. We visit there often learning about native plants and just enjoying a nice walk together.

The kids like to walk on the old railroad

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