Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Family in Town

We have had my Mom in town from Germany and we have been having a great time. Jetta has loved having Boppy around. When she saw her coming off the plane she jumped up and down, so excited yelling"Boppy!!!" and gave her a big hug and kiss. It was so cute. My Mom came with me to my company's finale competition and the got extreme Platinum and second place over all. Boo was in town for the weekend and we all met up on Sunday and went to see 'Confessions of a Mormon Boy' (my second time) and met John at the gluten free 'Risottoria' in the Village. It was fun and delicious. Jetta has been so excited having all her favorite people around.

Nug Nugs Big, Little, or Plastic

She has wanted nug nugs more and more and is getting very possessive over my body, saying
"It's Jettas." over and over. This morning she did the funniest thing. I had taken out some old
Barbie's of mine as a child
last night and this morning she pulled down one of the Barbie's shirts and said...."nug nug" , and proceeded to suck on the Barbie's "nug nugs". We all just died laughing as John snapped a picture. She seems to prefer all the Barbie's to have their shirts pulled down around their waist.....hhhmmmm...I guess she just really appreciates the female body in its natural state. Well, not natural, but plastic, hard, perky, immobile, and definitely not like mine. So, I guess the reality is, Jetta just likes 'um any way she can get 'um.