Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Pilot is waving all the time now. The minute he hears the words Hi, Bye, or wave, he starts waving away! It is so cute.
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I Love My Big Sister

Pilot just loves his sister. She was having a little cry over some "spilt milk" and he ran right over to her and put his arm around her to comfort her. And it worked. Every night we tuck Jetta into bed and giver a kiss goodnight as a family. Last night, I said "good night Jetta" and Pilot ran over to the side of her bed and reached his little lips up and gave her a kiss. He was so proud of himself he kept running back and forth from the door to her bed to kiss her over and over. I love the way they love one another.
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My Angel Baby

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Jetta is such a little angel and a huge help to me. It is amazing how much she knows and feels. She is so in tune with the world around her and brings me back to the here and now. I have to remember to stay in the moment, and enjoy each breath I get with them.

We have started our "BIG" garden. I am determined to plant tons of veggies and some fruits too. It is a good thing I get lots of help from my crew. I will aso need a lot of prayers, as I am not so sure about my gardening know how.
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Pilot 1st Birthday Party

Pilot, Me and Rain (Pilots best little friend) enjoying the party
Pilot had his 1st birthday. Jetta was right there to help him blow out his candel.
He was trully the life of the party. I think he loved eating the cake, but had more fun with it on he head.
Pilot with his buddy Rain who is 2 weeks younger than him.
Look at that yummy cake. I have to say it was a delicious cake I made. Strawberry layer cake with marscepone icing. Yummm.....
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