We decided to home-school our kids 2 years ago after my friend sparked my interest in the idea. I have always been a creative person and valued all the arts highly and when I found Waldorf Education I got so excited because it really takes into consideration the whole person in presenting any material in all subjects.
 We have decide to use it as as guideline to our creative homeschooling ideas. I want to stay as flexible and open as I can so as not to become too dogmatic about any one belief or idea. I think my best plan is to keep and open mind and and open heart. I would consider myself an unschooler at heart but I love the Waldorf philosophy and use it to deepen our learning. Each day is full of possibility and I do find that the more I let my children follow their own ideas and inspirations, the learning just happens. They are fulling engaged in life and I see in front of me happy, well adjusted, focused, super social and bright little humans that are so excited about life.

Here are some Homeschooling resources and supplies I like:

I have only read the first 5 pages of this book because I had to put it down and think. (That is how I like to read so that I really digest and and assimilate what is being said) I am really working on finding out what is the best way to raise my children in regards to "school" or "no school". I love the Waldorf method, but am really contemplating if any method is good if you are teaching someone something that they are not interested in learning. If they themselves are not driven to doing something with that knowledge, it will simply be forgotten. Teaching only seems appropriate when the "student" is hungry for the learning and can use it in their every day lives in some way. Not sure how I feel yet, but I love the idea of "doing" and "doing-better", instead of "learning". Must read more.......

Second Grade Package

First Grade Package 

with your Three to Six Year Old
Practical inspiration for kindergarten at home.
100 pages, $29
Kindergarten with your Three to Six Year Old

The Christopherus
Waldorf Curriculum Overview for Homeschoolers
by Donna Simmons
The essential guide to Waldorf-inspired homeschooling!
240 pages, 8½"x11", spiral bound - 

Places to get  Arts and Crafts Supplies:



Local shop in Annapolis: Art Things 

Great website for Waldorf Inspired Homeschooling :