Saturday, July 02, 2011

You've got to pick a blossom or two

We got home from our trip yesterday to find our garden had exploded while we were away. The pumpkins are taking over and there were tones of squash, cucumbers, lettuce, chard and arugula to be picked. The kids saw all the blossoms and wanted to pick them because last year we made some yummy fried blossoms , but I told them we had to wait until morning when the blossoms opened up. We'll if you have kids, you know that they do not forget anything you say, and at 6am they looked outside and saw all the blossoms open and called me out to help pick so we could eat them for breakfast. While we picked Jetta said "I am having so much fun! I feel like we are REAL farmers." I totally agree with her. I feel like we have transformed our little duplex yard into a working farm that is giving me all the joy, beauty and bounty that my heart was longing for. After they picked a basket full of blossoms, we took them inside to cook.  

Jetta cooked them all by herself with me taking pictures.
She washed  and dried them and pulled out the stamen.
Then stuffed each one with cheese,
dipped them in egg and a little gluten-free flour,
and fried them in grass-fed butter.
You have to eat them while their hot to get the gooey goodness.

****I would love to know if anyone gets the song reference I made in this blog title. 


Chichi said...

You've got to pick a pocket or two....Oliver!

Priscilla said...

Yes! You got it! I love that song. I can't believe my husband couldn't figure it out. How could he not know that and be married to me?