Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cook with your kids

 Morning is my favorite time of day. Everyone is in the kitchen and has a job to do. The kids unload the dishwasher and help make breakfast. Today they wanted to make french toast and I said they could as long as they did it themselves. They were such a great team. Jetta made the french toast and Pilot made a delicious sugar free blueberry sauce to go over it. They did a great job and I only had to help them a few times. Mostly with getting things that they needed that were out of their reach. But from getting out their ingredients, to cooking, to plating, and cleaning up, they did it on their own. And they had a great time in the process. So I hope that everyone will not let a little mess scare you away from getting your kids into the kitchen. Kitchens can be cleaned (another great job for kids), and the joy that you and your children can share will never be forgotten. Plus, they make some pretty tasty meals that you can just sit back and enjoy.


Cathi said...

That's so cool. My kids love to cook to, which is great as long as they don't burn themselves in the process. =D

Priscilla said...
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Priscilla said...

Ha, well I managed to burn myself yesterday....I will explain more in my next post.