Sunday, July 24, 2011

Her birthday

My oldest is now 7. As I sit here feeling this little one rumble around in my belly getting ready to join our family, I   remember that day seven years ago when she was born. All the pains as they rose and fells through my body told me that she was coming, but there was no way for me to know who she really was and how my life would change from that day on. I had no idea the kind of love I would feel the minute I laid my eyes, hands, lips on her. The way joy and exhaustion felt together. I didn't know. It seems like every day since that day seven years ago has been a new journey. A daily practice of staying in the moment so I don't miss that gift that a child brings. For I can say that she has been a gift to me in so many ways. As she continues to teach me each day we share this little piece of the world together, I am certain that this new little soul coming will follow the same pattern as his sister and brother before him, of course in his own unique way that no one could ever predict or prepare for. As usual my daughter had a lot to do with this little ones journey. She has been wanting more siblings and I, after some hard but clear meditating on the subject, found I did too. Actually, I realized I had always wanted a big family, but I think I got caught up in my past and future and couldn't see/feel what was right in front of me, or in my heart anymore. So, that day 7 years ago when she was born into a pool of warm water into my arms and the loving arms of her father, we knew a miracle had occurred, but we learned that if we stopped to listen to each moment we would find a new miracle being born. I am so grateful to my children as my teachers and partners in this life. And although I sometimes wish my little girl wouldn't grow up so fast, I will not let myself miss the moment at hand. She is 7, and that is something we've never seen before. I wonder what today will bring. It is a journey.

Jetta perfroming in "Into the Woods" on her birthday.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful reflection! Jetta is gorgeous- her smile is very nice!

Can I ask did you have a midwife? If so, what midwife did/are you using? I'm looking around for one!

Sarah said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday to Jetta! xoxo

Priscilla said...

Yes, I did have a midwife. I had a water birth with Jetta in New Jersey though. Right now I am using Special Beginnings in Arnold, MD and hoping to have a water-birth with this baby. I did not end up having Pilot in the water because at the time, the birth center did not have large enough tubs, but they do now. I highly recommend it. The water was so wonderful and really helped with the pain. Also, John was able to be in there with me. It was almost like a spa treatment, .....well almost.