Saturday, July 16, 2011

Waffle madness :: Sprouted and Fermented!

My best friend gave me the a waffle recipe for a month ago and we have been eating them almost every day since.  I started buying all my grains in bulk (25lb bags) from Bobs Red Mills a little while ago and I am always looking for easy recipes to use them in. The original recipe she gave me called for oats but so far I have tried it with Millet, Quinoa, Oats and buckwheat. They all are delicious. I have been a mad woman in the kitchen filling my freezer with all kind of waffles. Who needs Eggo? I have frozen waffles ready to pop in the toaster at any time. These work great to take with you for a picnic or snack with a little honey and nut butter spread on them.  I tweaked the recipe a little and here is the one I think I like the best. 

3 cups sprouted, fermented grain of your choice **
4 organic pastured eggs
3 -4 T raw butter or coconut oil
2 t baking soda
1 T alcohol free vanilla

Blend all ingredients in the food processor for at least 5 minutes until nice and smooth.  Use in your favorite waffle iron. This batter works for pancakes as well.

raw honey or pure maple syrup with raw whipped cream 

** Spouting and fermenting  are a must when eating grains. I learned the hard way that grains can wreak havoc on a digestive system when not properly prepared. At 20 I developed Celiac Disease and even though I went on a gluten-free diet I still had digestive trouble every day. By the end of each day I was so bloated I looked 6 months pregnant. I knew I was still missing something and that is when I learned about The Weston A Price Foundation  from my sister in law. WAPF is basically a non-profit that teaches about traditional foods from all over the world and their health value. I learned about how certain foods needed to be prepared in specific ways to do so and I have taken the last 13 years to slowly adopt this new way of eating that I truly believe has not only helped me to recover from a debilitating digestive disorder and live in good health, but also provide my family with food that nourishes them and allows them to thrive.  Why do we need to soak and ferment grains? Click here

To sprout and ferment your grains:  
1.Wash them with water four or five time and leave to soak them in filtered water over night in a glass bowl with a plate on top.  
2. In the morning wash and rinse your grains thoroughly and cover with filtered water again. This time add about 1 T of whey or the juice of 1/2 lemon to the water and cover again for 12 - 24 hours. 
3. Rinse the grains and strain out the water. They are now ready to use. Your body with thank you for all your hard work.

I would love to hear from if you try the recipe and if you have other ideas for these grains. I am on the lookout for the perfect grain mill. If you have one you love, please share.


Amy said...

Thank you for this recipe! I have been looking high and low for sprouted grain recipes. I lost a brother to cancer and we learned how some food can destroy your body, Do you have any actual bread recipes? I can't wait to try the waffle one!

Priscilla said...

I am working on finding a good one and will post it soon.,