Wednesday, November 16, 2011

turnips three ways

We had fun with our main lesson on Monday this week. After reading the story of The Enormous Turnip we went out into the garden to harvest our own turnips and rutabagas that the kids planted from seed a couple months ago. I was just praying that they would be big enough for us to eat.....and they were. We painted the leaves and made prints that filled the porch with fun and color and then we boiled the turnips and rutabagas and mashed them with butter and salt. We even sauteed the greens (which are high in calcium) with a leek from our garden.  I was so surprised at how tasty it all was and I have decided that I like the root mash better than mashed potatoes. This will be perfect for thanksgiving this year. While our root and green snack was cooking Jetta drew a picture and wrote some sentences from the story in her main lesson book. This was definitely a lesson to remember. It realy incorporates the whole child using the Waldorf principles of  hands heart and head.  I will try and repeat this lesson each fall season.

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John said...

What an amazing experience for the kids to plant, tend, harvest and eat those veggies. They understand more at 4 & 7 than I do at 34!

Misty said...

I'm very jealous of your lovely vegetable beds. Hopefully next year!!

couponingfromFL2MI said...

Hi there, I am your newest GFC follower, stopping by from Couponing From Florida to Michigan! I would love a follow back, thanks.

Ado said...

Lovely parenting there. (-:
I loved the whole thing but my favorite was the leaf artwork - not bad at all!

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles said...

I love this from start to finish! Such a great experience for the kids. Thanks for sharing it.