Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a not so perfect day

I had this beautiful vision of today. Baking with the kids in preparation for Thanksgiving.  The kids and I working together in the kitchen. Smiles and laughter filling the air while sweet smells of pumpkin and apple pies building excitement for tomorrows meal. But instead of that warm holiday spirit, I had a house full of screaming children and was left to make all the  pies by myself with a crying baby in my sling. I had been up all night nursing and now no one was interested in helping me in the kitchen. I wanted to cry too.  I like being a Mom most of the time, but today was the kind of day that I really questioned why I ever thought this would be fun. Of course, as I sit here now with all 4 pies either cooling or in the oven, my house back to it's semi orderliness state and most of the chaos at bay, I can start to see a glimmer of that life I thought I had. yet.......ok......back to quiet for a minute. The sun will come out tomorrow. Right?

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