Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weathering the storm

Last weekend we had Hurricane Irene come through. John and the kids went down town and filled sandbags to put around our house so we wouldn't flood. It is great to have such happy helpers. 

 I had just planted my fall veggies and the sprouts were trying to pop their heads out of the dirt, so we covered all the boxes with plastic and hoped for the best. As the rains began to fall, but the winds hadn't yet picked up, the kids played in the down pour.  They played in the rain and puddles until the winds really began to blow. They came in so cold so I made some hot chocolate for them as we cuddled on the couch watching the weather change outside. 

Lots of trees went down and people are still out of power, but we were the lucky ones. We had no flooding and this tree was in my neighbors yard. ( it did not hit their house). Even my tomato plants were in perfect shape. We are so happy that we took down our massive poplar tree this year to plant a garden in our back yard.. It was leaning toward our house and would have probably come down in this storm. 

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