Sunday, August 21, 2011

simple living: at the beach

Appreciating our week at the beach:

:: Observing and connecting with nature.... making friends with the animals at the beach.
:: Taking time to relax and nap
:: Spending time with people that I love. 
:: Cooking and eating each meal together.
:: Watching as magnificent sand sculptures rose each day only to be washed away by the waves each night.
:: Delightfully watching little bodies riding and diving in the waves as I too felt the waves of the new life inside of me, soon to join us.
:: Fun wild foraging on the dunes were we found these delicious beach plums that became the best snack while playing at the beach each day.
:: Enjoyed reading and discussing the book "The Joy of Less" and day dreaming about all the space that I will uncover in my  house when I get home. I am taking that space that the ocean and the week spent with family provided me and bringing it home so that we can live each day with as much joy, creativity, and peace as we did at the beach. 

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