Saturday, August 13, 2011

driftwood bird sculptures

We took a walk early one morning in Downs Park, MD at a little beach I remembered had lots of driftwood. We collected  three bags full of all sizes of drift wood and brought them home to create works of art. Each piece of wood was so unique and the kids immediately saw something magical and alive in them. With just a drill, some dowels and a little hot glue, they created something beautiful. Jetta made a flying bird with stones glued to it for eyes and ears and other decoration.  Pilot made a great blue heron with it's neck tucked into it's wing on which he glued little feathers he found at the beach . I have set aside some wood for myself that I am going to use to make a crane. I am looking forward to that. I love using nature as a guide to creativity. There is an endless amount of material and not one thing is the same as another. And finding the materials is half the fun!

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