Monday, November 08, 2010

not just a walk in the woods

My good friend and I have been talking walks in the woods on Fridays together with our children. This is the perfect opportunity to commune with nature, get some fresh air and exercise, catch up on anything new that is happening in our lives and simply connect to what is. I also find that the kids are so happy as we wind our way through the woods to our picnic spot on a cliff over looking the water. They are either silently content or screaming with joy. Each Friday is new and different. Lately we have been enjoying the beautiful leaves and even had a deer cross our path. It is always new and unexpected which is why it is so important to find yourself in nature as much as possible.

To eliminate the whining factor ("I am too tiered, legs hurt.....I can't walk any more...") we bring bikes for the kids to ride and they just love tearing through the woods they are feeling more and more at home in.

We sometimes find a little trail that takes you deeper into the woods. This week we found a little beach that we will have to revisit.

My fiend, Cara, is soon to have another child. It has been fun seeing her belly grow, knowing I will be meeting a new person who is sure to become a dear friend to my family. I do believe that she (the little baby in there) too enjoys our walks.
Climbing on the roots of a fallen tree. What fun.

Taking a little break to enjoy some always entertaining conversation.
I am looking forward to spending every Friday here in our woods with good friends. I wonder what each season will have to offer us and what we will have to give in return. 

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