Thursday, November 04, 2010

Living on the Deck

Yes, I know it is cold outside and almost winter, but we have a new deck and we are determined to enjoy it. We bought a heat lamp and have been able to enjoy it even on cold nights. The kids love working out there. It feels like we are in a tree house.

It feel like we have a new home with this new deck. We are just loving it!

Waiting for dinner to be served by candle light by the warmth of the heat lamp. What's for dinner?

Goat Cheese and Broccoli Fittata Muffins. So GOOD!

And I want to say "Thank you so much!" to Sam Richter and his brothers Rocco and Omar who made this whole deck possible. Not only did they do a beautiful job, but they were so wonderful with my kids. They let them watch and answered all their many many questions about each step of the way and even let them help mix cement and dig and hammer a little. What a great homeschooling experience to see each step of the process happening before your eyes. 

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