Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pop of the Week: Apricot Pop

It is Thursday and as promised here is our Favorite Pop of the Week.   Made with local, fresh and healthy ingredients.

Apricot Pops!
1. fresh picked apricots 
2. yogurt
3. raw honey or maple syrup
I just took the seeds out of the apricots and blended them up (skins and all) with some yogurt and honey.

Now, here is how it all started.........I was driving down the street last week and saw a mess of yellow fruit all squished over the street and sidewalk. We were on our way to a dance class, so we just had a minute to jump out and investigate. It was an apricot tree! We picked a few and continued on our way all the while planning on coming back to get more later. So yesterday, we went back with my father in laws truck and a tree trimmer and shook the fruit out onto a tarp. We made it a family affair with my mother-in-law and my husband and kids too. 

The kids sat on the back of the truck and covered their head while apricots fell down from the sky.

Everyone had a smile on their face as we tried to get even the very last one off the tree.

They aren't the pretties fruits but they are so sweet and yummy! We just had to watch our for the occasional white worm.

We took them home and washed them up.

Then decided to make Pops with our favorite Zuku Quick Pop Maker! Yuuuuuummmmmmm. So refreshing after all that real life hard work.

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John Earle said...

Taste as good as they look... just finished one and I'm super happy!