Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mulberry Muffins and More!

Mulberries are in season now and we are taking advantage of this sweet berry that no one else seems to appreciate. Ripe mulberries come in different colors: red, white, pink, and black. These colors are attributed to two different species and their hybrids. Until this year I hadn't noticed them, but suddenly, after learning about them in an edible plant book, we have found them everywhere including our back yard. My children love berries and now love running into the yard and feasting on handfuls of this sweet fruit. It seems that everywhere we go we find more mulberry trees to stop and snack on. It is quite fun. We have found the best way to harvest them is placing a big blanket on the ground and shaking the tree creating a shower of berries.

We cleaned and cut off the stems off of some and made yummy gluten-free mulberry muffins. My children really like to cook and I particularly like the fact that they got to go out the door and pick the berries themselves and then make a delicious treat with them.

I think mulberries are highly underrated and should be used and appreciated in our seasonal, healthy home cooked meals. Who knows, you may have one growing in your back yard too.

While the berries are in season, I think I am gong to try a few more recipes. Maybe mulberry pancakes next!

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