Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organic Blueberry Picking, Pancakes and Pops

We had a perfectly cloudy day at Blueberry Gardens picking organic blueberries with friends and family yesterday. I love this farm because now only are the berries delicious and organic, they encourage eating as you go. You know if you have children it is close to impossible and feel like torture to keep them from tasting the perfect little berries.  At Blueberry Gardens they can run free and play in the long rows of berries, laughing, eating, and hopefully collecting blueberries for later.

It started to rain on us (which felt so good to me with all the heat we have been having) and the kids loved playing the natures sprinkler. Then our friend gathered the children in her van and read Blueberries for Sal to them. That was a lovely touch our morning.

We brought home tons of blueberries. This morning we made Gluten-free blueberry pancakes. Jetta loves cooking and is a very good at making pancakes. We decided to make them with extra blueberries!
They were Delicious!
Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes

1. rice flour
2.millet flour
3.goat yogurt
5.Baking soda
6. blueberries
7. butter
8. Vanilla
8. Maple syrup (for dipping)

.........and then we made some Blueberry Pops with our trusty Zoku Quick Pop Maker
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