Friday, April 02, 2010

A Paper Bouquet

We came home yesterday to find a big box on our front porch that had Jetta and Pilot's name on it. As getting mail is one of the most exciting times of the day at our house, getting a box is even better. And to add to the excitement, when we opened it up it was full of craft supplies from Aunt Pam. "Thank you Aunt Pam!"

I left the kids at the art table with their new box of treasures and by the time I had finished dinner, Jetta presented me with a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers out of the craft and wire she found in the box. She thought of this project on her own and I was shocked to see how she had constructed the flowers. I could learn something here.

Each day I am so touched and thrilled by her ability to see beauty and art in all that she encounters and even more importantly how she finds joy in each moment.
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seapaearle said...

Wow- that is an amazing paper bouquet!!!! Jetta - you are so creative! I will share the photos with Mimi and let her know what you made with the craft supplies from her house... love you- Aunt Pam