Wednesday, April 21, 2010

30 Day Sit Spot Challege

We just signed up online for this 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge. We are a little behind the start date, but we can just extend it on our own. We will start by finding a spot in nature to sit and I will keep you updated on our progress each day. I think this will be a great homeschooling opportunity for us to observe nature by spending time each day in the same spot in nature and watching and recording what changes we see. I am really excited about this. My kids are getting their drawing pads ready and we are trying to narrow down the spot we will choose.  If you are interested in doing the challenge with us go to

30-Day Sit Spot Challenge
April 10th-May 10th

The 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge is a way for you to connect with the depth of the naturalworld through one spot in the nature. You do not have to be a Kamana student or a Kamana member to sign up for the challenge.  The Sit Spot is the core routine of the Kamana Program.

Sign up for the Sit Spot Challenge below. By signing up you will receive a daily email with questions and challenges. These are optional activities designed to increase your awarenss and hone your senses.  The synergy of hundreds of people going to their Sit Spots for a full month will be phenomenal!
What is a Sit Spot?
The Sit Spot is an age-old practice of going to one spot in nature over a long period of time, making observations of what happens in nature at its baseline state. It is essential for it to be close to your house and have a feeling of safety. It is ideal to for it to be as wild as possible, but many people have sit spots in their back yards. Check out the Videos and Articles below for more information and inspiration.

How does it work?
It's simple: You will go to your Sit Spot for at least 20 minutes per day for the entire 30 days.

Do I have to go to the same Sit Spot every day?No. While it is ideal to go to the same spot every day it is not necessary. If you need to find a new spot while you are away from your normal Sit Spot find a spot that is as wild as possible and sit there.

Why should I sign up?
By signing up you will get daily reminders. Also, when you commit to a larger audience about doing something it is amazing to see the difference in results. It is one thing to tell yourself that you are going to do something. It is yet another thing to commit to others who will support you.

How can I share about my experience?
We have a Discussion Forum here on the site designed for students who are doing the 30 Day Sit Spot Challenge here on the site. While the other categories are designed for members only, this section is open to anyone participating in the challenge. Go here to post a comment on the forum.

NOTE: You can sign up after the start date and continue on until May 10th or extend it to whenever you like.

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