Wednesday, May 16, 2012

starting our chicks off right

Yes, we are embarking on a new family journey into the land of chickens. Thanks to a good friend of mine who worked so hard to get us the rights to raise our own chickens int the city, we have decided to jump right in. Another good friend of mine,  Denny from Mama Farmer, has been so wonderful in getting us all set up with incubators, eggs, lamps, and so much encouragement. I have been anticipating this day for so long and it is finally here. She brought over the eggs today and we put them in the incubator to let nature do it's magic with a little help and a few watchful eyes. I can't believe that in just 21 days we are going to be the proud parents of baby chicks! I will keep you posted with weekly updates as we prepare ourselves for their arrival and keep them safe and at just the right temperature to be healthy and happy chickens. Here we go!


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

So exciting for you!!! Our chicks are currently incubating in a kindergarten class and should be coming home in about 10 days - can't wait!!!

Kim said...

Very cool! How exciting for the kids. I can't wait to do this someday...we can't have chickens in Edgewater yet; we don't have enough land. (though doesn't is seem laughable that you can't have chickens in Edgewater???)

Priscilla said...

Kim, hopefully that will change. We only have 1/20 of an acre of land. It is all about space management. :)