Thursday, May 17, 2012

grain-free wild mora lasagna

After being diagnosed with ciliac over 10 years ago, I have lived without gluten, but still never felt that my gut was is good shape. I don't been my waist line, but my digestive system. After years of eating a SAD diet my gut was in sad shape. Although my acute symptoms were gone, my digestion was still never great  and I was always left with a bloated feeling by the end of the day. I  always soak  and ferment all my grains, which does make a big difference, but still I had this dreaded bloat and gas.  I have gone on and off of no grain diets over the years, but it isn't until now that I truly believe that my whole family does better without grains and starchy veggies. My sons eczema, that he has had since birth, has finally cleared up and I feel better then ever. We have recently incorporated 1/2 a serving of grains in the form of a quinoa granola that I make (recipe in process) with no ill effects. All in all, I haven't missed the grains too much. I have become quite good at making all our favorite meals with a no-grain twist and I am not hearing much complaining from the peanut gallery. A dear friend of  mine from El Salvador told me about this wonderful wild edible called mora that they eat all the time in El Salvador and it grows here in Maryland too. The other night I made a wild mora  lasagna with layers of egg instead of noodles. I got all the cheesy gooey goodness without the bloat.  The added bonus to all this is that I have an excuse to be creative in the kitchen! 


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Looks yummy!! Quinoa is actually a seed not a grain, which is why you may find it easier to digest.

Priscilla said...

Yes, your right Kim. But I find that they still need to be soaked or they are very hard to digest. I soak them for about 2 days in water and then ferment them in lemon water for another 2 days before cooking them. It really makes all the difference.