Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Happy May Day

We celebrated May Day today by picking flowers from our yard and making little May Day baskets to give to our neighbors. The kids collected the flowers and we used paper and ribbon to decorate. Jetta had so much fun delivering them door to door spreading a bit of cheer.  Then we headed out to the beach to meet with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather. A good day.


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

What a lovely idea!!

I am so jealous - you are picking flowers from your garden, not even close to that here and a day at the beach, lucky you :)

naturally crafted mama said...

such pretty little bouquets! i would have loved finding one of these on my door!

Monika said...

I remember doing that when I was little. We don't really have neighbors to do that for now, unfortunately.

So glad (and a little jealouse that) you are having beach weather!