Sunday, February 26, 2012

stopping to touch the moss

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Times when you are called to summon up strength and courage in parts of yourself that you didn't know existed and yet somehow you do it. You find that strength from deep within your being and at the same time realize that you have to expand your awareness to include the help of all those around you who you've chosen to journey with this time around.  There is a place in all of us that understands the connectedness  that we all share with each other and with all that surrounds us. It is when we stop to touch the moss on a walk through the woods and feel the softness and strength that the earth provides that we can then see that we too are of the earth and can create that soft place inside us as we stand strong in the face of lifes challenges. 

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patamathis said...

love these pictures. Makes you want to touch that moss.