Friday, February 03, 2012

oh candlemas, oh candlemas

We celebrated Candlemas yesterday, Feb.2. You may be wondering what in the world   Candlemas  is. Until yesterday I was wondering the same thing. I had heard about  Candlemas in my reading about holidays celebrated in the Waldorf schools, but never had the time to learn about what it really was. So when we were invited to a  Candlemas /groundhog day candle making gathering I was so excited. In anticipation of the day I did learn a bit more about the history of  Candlemas and some of the customs around the celebration. Candlemas falls midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and in many traditions is considered the beginning of spring.  Pancakes, for their round shape, are the traditional food for Candlemas because they are considered symbols of the sun. Candles are the main decorating element and making them is a wonderful activity for the day.

The kids had no problem completely embracing this new found holiday and were so excited about what the day would bring. Pilot thought of making a pancake cake, so that is what we did and a new tradition was born.  John and I had lots of fun getting in to he holiday spirit. Maybe it was the lack of sleep the night before, or just that fact that this holiday seemed to pop up out of nowhere, but John and I got a kick out of using the word "Candlemas" throughout the day, making everything special. When we used up almost all our cream for the cake we said, "Nothing is too good for  Candlemas" and "Remember it's Candlemas, be nice and share with your brother." We even had the "traditional" round "Candlemas platter" for the cake, and of course we used our yellow "Candlemas napkins". The kids even declared that the cake was the best  "Candlemas cake" they had ever had.  

After a wonderful  "Candlemas breakfast", we met with friends and made bees wax candles. It was a beautiful day spent in community with family and dear friends and all in all I think we had the best  Candlemas to date. At the end of our candle lit dinner, we blew out the flame on our first  Candlemas and went to bed already planning for next years  Candlemas celebrations.


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

What a wonderful candlemas you had, thanks for sharing.

I had no idea about this at all. We are just starting along the Waldorf path, and slowly learning about all the wonderful holidays to celebrate. I just ordered a book yesterday on all the festivals celebrated throughout the year, can't wait to get it!

boatbaby said...

Great photos Priscilla! I hope I get a chance to go through mine and post/ share soon.

pat said...

I agree that Candlemas was a great success.

ewhightower said...