Thursday, February 02, 2012

it's about equality

After attempting to explain to my 7 and 4 year old about the same-sex marriage bill hearing was that was to take place the next day, I decided not to take them. As I started my explanation, I quickly realized that although they have 2 uncles that are gay, many friends with parents that are gay, and know about some of my friends that are transgender, they don't actually know what the word gay even means in reference to these people in our lives. They do not have a label for them, and I want to keep it that way as long as possible. They simply see a person who is as unique as any other person. They simply see two mothers who love their children as much as their two parents love them.  They look around and see so many different types of parents and families. Single mothers and fathers, one mother and one father, a grandparent raising grandchildren, families that adopt, couples that have no children, families that have 10 children, families that have two moms or two dads, and so many more. I decided not to take them with me because I didn't want them to see that there are people in the world that would try and tell them that all of these families should not be treated equally. I want them to feel free in this country to be who they are and love who they want and see the good in each individual and family. I always teach my children to value their own differences and also see the likenesses between all of us. For all too soon I will be sending them into the world on their own. They will see the unjustness, the inequality, and the hatred. I can not protect them forever. But I hope they will have in themselves such a strong sense of what is right and good in their soul that they will be sturdy and clear enough to stand strong.
I did go to the hearing on Tuesday with my Mom and my baby to show my support of the same-sex marriage bill. Part of me can not believe that I am living in a country that would even have this up for debate. Did we not learn anything from our country's past? Did we not learn that separate but equal doesn't work. Does anyone ever stop and think how it would feel to be told that you can not marry the love of your life. I am lucky that the love of my life happens to be a man. We are respected and welcomed in the community just the way we are. How lucky for us. But no, that good feeling is tainted because I can not feel rest until my friends and loved ones and fellow community members are given the same respect and honor. I can not just stand by and hope others will take care of it. It is my responsibility to my children to leave them a world that is a little better then when I got here.  I will speak out and stand up for all human beings to be treated equally. What a novel concept. And yet I will not get too comfortable in my socially excepted life until it is so.
I don't know who my children will decide to love and marry, but I truly hope that they will be honored in their choices and get to hold their heads high and proud as they walk though life or down the isle feeling the blessings and support of their country. 

Please call or write your representatives to tell them that you support same-sex marriage and equality for all.

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Anonymous said...

Yes ... quite frankly all I care about is that people form GOOD relationships - gay or not - so long as they treat one another properly :) Loved your post! Stopping in to follow you from today's hop - hope you visit soon and return the favor :)

Sarah said...

I love that you are getting your kid involved in activism from the start! I hope this next generation will embrace tolerance, equality and human rights. Education is the best start!
Love this post and glad to run into your blog!
Sarah @ made in usa challenge

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Love this post, thanks for sharing. It saddens me so much that these issues are issues, they shouldn't be. We are all humans and we are all equal, yes we are different, but still we are equal.

Good for you for speaking up, we all must.