Sunday, September 19, 2010

A year in Art: Jetta's Art Book

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If your children are like mine, you must have thousands of pieces of art work that you can't seem to throw away but don't have wall space for. I have a great idea for you to be able to honor the artist in your child without  having to build more storage to house all the precious pieces of art that your little artists create.

This year I decided to make a book of the best art from the year. I dedicate one large drawer to finished art pieces that are not on display in the house. Throughout the year we fill the drawer and at the end of the year (from one birthday to the next) when the drawer is stuffed with tons of masterpieces, we go through them all and pick what will make it in the art book and what we can just throw away. Then we took pictures of all the pieces of art and uploaded them to Snapfish and created the layout for Jetta's Art Book. I just loved the way it turned out and this way I feel that we are honoring the kids as artists by valuing their hard work. Jetta loves looking through her book and and sharing it with guests who come to the house. She has already started working on next years book.

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Laura said...

What a brilliant idea! I love it, and the finished book is an absolute treasure.

Kelly said...

Oh, I love this idea! My oldest is 3 and we do a LOT of art and so far I haven't thrown anything away! Much of it is packed away in a huge box. So I'm on the lookout for a more sustainable system. Thanks for the great idea! :)

April said...

LOVE this! Great idea.

Leslie said...

I love this idea! Fabulous! I never know what to do with my kids' art, but it does seem so special and what a fun, space-saving way to commemorate a year of art work!