Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healing with Gratitude

We decided to take a long family vacation for many reasons, but one of them was to heal from the past 2-5 years of over-working and under sleeping. After giving birth to my daughter 6 years ago, my husband and I can count the number of full nights sleep that we have had. Both my children, as wonderful as they are, are terrible sleepers and I have had trouble sleeping myself since witnessing the twin towers collapse on 9/11. After 6 years of progressively taking more and more onto our plates we finally did start to break down. I am still in the process of healing  my voice from over use and lack of sleep which has been quite a journey for me since I am a voice teacher. I have had to develop extreme patience and muster up all the positive thinking I can manage to trust that it will heal in time. I always took my voice for granted. I never imagined that it wouldn't be there for me when I needed it. So I decided to listen to my tired and achy body and make a life change. Slow Down.
First on the list, go on a long vacation to visit people we love and walk the beach and just enjoy every moment with my family. That is just what I have been doing. I can't say that I am totally healed, but I have learned a great lesson about how much is too much for me and my family.
I am spending my days with my family making things, ridding bikes, eating good food, and making sure to get my feet in the sand and feel the ocean breeze on my face. Most importantly I am remembering to feel gratitude for each moment that I have with my family on this beautiful earth .  And even though I am still up all night with my kids and may feel tired, I am happy. I am choosing to focus on the good and give attention to all that I am blessed with in my life. I am choosing to focus on what I can offer to the world. And it starts with feeling grateful to be alive just the way I am.

"Happiness is when there is no desire for something, just a gratitude for what is. Then it is not a temporary state, because as long as you have gratitude, you have happiness". Osho

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