Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This Week in Homeschooling: What is Waldorf

What is a Waldorf Education?

Waldorf answers says that Waldorf or Rudolf Steiner education is based on the understanding of the human being as a being of body, soul and spirit. Waldorf education mirrors the basic stages of a child's development from childhood to adulthood, which in general reflects the development of humanity through history from our origin, far back in past times up to the present.

The central focus is the development of that essence in every person that is independent of external appearance, by instilling in his/her pupils an understanding of and appreciation for their background and place in the world, not primarily as members of any specific nation, ethnic group or race, but as members of humanity and world citizens.

Thus, the Waldorf kindergarten cultivates and works in support of the pre-school child's deep, inborn natural attitude, belief and trust in and basic reverence for the world as an interesting and good place to live in.

Since we are using the Waldorf method as a strong guide to our homeschooling and I feel that every aspect of life is a chance for learning and growth, we have been taking advantage of our world around us to guide our learning.

We are in Florida visiting relatives right now, so this is the perfect opportunity to explore our own history. We don't have to read about someone in a book when we can talk to them in person and learn about how they lived, what they thought about and what they loved. We added an artistic element to this live history lesson by making a family tree.

While in Florida we are learning so much about the geography and wildlife of the area. Not from reading about it, but just by spending time bird watching, taking rides through the swamps, and walking down the beach collecting treasures.

Since we are living on a golf coarse right now, I can't think of a better time to do some golfing. Every evening we walk out on the course and do a little putting.

And fishing has become a favorite pastime. Jetta is a pro and has developed such patience with it. She is using her Great Grandfathers fishing pole.

I haven't had to push any of their learning this summer, as they are so excited about the world around them and all of the wonderful things to explore, that they are the ones coming up with new ideas for games, art projects and adventures for us to enjoy. I merely have to follow along and enjoy it right along side of them and always work to provide them a peaceful natural environment so that their creativity can thrive.

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Mel said...

I love your blog. You are inspiring. I just read your post on vacation and teared up.