Saturday, September 10, 2011

an accidental trip to the aquarium

My Mom and I took a trip into Baltimore the other day to take the kids to Port Discovery (a Children's Museum). It was a rainy day with flood warnings all around, but I was, uncharacteristically for this 3rd trimester, feeling good enough to go. So we decided to do it. As we walked up to the door in the rain we realized it was closed  This was a proud moment for me as a Mom. Both kids seemed to understand and didn't complain as we stood in the rain wondering what to do. We decided to walk over to the aquarium and check it out. I don't normally like taking kids to places like this because everyone usually leaves feeling so tired and overwhelmed, but with a positive attitude, off we went hoping that we would make it before the next downpour. I was just praying that I would be able to make it walking around the whole place without having to have my mom push me in a wheel chair. This pregnancy has made it really hard for me to walk a lot as I get the worst contractions and pains in my back and belly if I do. We took it easy, and it turned out to be a great day. The most peaceful day actually. Everyone was very content and happy. Pilot held my hand and walked slowly with me and Jetta was so excited about each exhibit. I let them just look at each animal without having to "teach" something every time. We talked a little about what they were but mostly just let them have the experience without too much input from me. What I think was the most valuable lesson was telling them personal experiences stories. For example while we walked through the coral reef section, my mom told them all about her experience with seeing coral reefs while scuba diving in Okinawa, where we lived wen I was a child.   We let the kids take their time quietly watching the sting rays swim so graceful and quiet. That uninterrupted time to simply observe is priceless and without any "teaching" going on, amazingly they learn so much more, and we all left relaxed and happy. What a surprisingly good day. Not the day that was planned, but the day that unfolded because we let it.

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