Sunday, August 29, 2010

Road trip Masterpieces

16+ hours in a car is not the ideal way to spend your day, especially if you are a kid. But with a little creativity and an array of open ended art supplies that they could work with, we had a wonderful drive.

::A beautiful castle made of clay and beads (by Pilot)

::A dainty flower pot/ tea cup made of wax sticks (by Jetta)

:: Giant Pine cones we found at a rest stop in South Carolina that the kids decorated with wire and beads

:: A cute blue cat made with clay and beads (by Jetta)

:: A sea horse made out of clay on the way to the beach at 6:30am (by Pilot)

With all the creative play going on I didn't even have to pull out the DVD player which I brought for emergencies. We all loved listening to the story of Heidi while we drove and we didn't have any fighting, winning, and I think I only heard "are we here yet" a few times. John and I kept looking at each other and smiling in disbelief and joy. Our kids were so content and engaged in their hard work. It is truly amazing what kids can come up with to entertain themselves when given the opportunity and some raw materials.
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