Thursday, August 12, 2010


We decided to home-school about a year ago. I have always been a creative person and valued all the arts highly and I want my kids to know that there are many different intelligences that are valuable in this world and the standard school system does not have those same beliefs. So, I started looking into homeschooling and it seemed to fit well into our life style.
We started out last year doing a very creative, nature and arts based program that I created as the year progressed from my own knowledge, but mostly following my kids interests. We all loved it and felt so happy that we chose this path.Most recently, I have been reading many books on the Waldorf system and I love it. It seems right in line with my own philosophies and ideas about learning. We have decide to use it as as guideline to our creative homeschooling ideas. I still want to stay as flexible and open as I can so as not to become too dogmatic about any one belief or idea or way of thinking. I think my best plan is to keep and open mind and and open heart and really "listen" to my children's needs.
The only structure I will be using this year will be based on daily rhythms. I will also be using Fairy Tales and Broadway Musicals to weave into our "creative time" each morning, where we sit at the art table (which once was our dinning room table) and work with one of our art supplies like clay, paint, colored pencils, wax, or even sticks leaves or bugs from outside. I let them take the project in the direction they want and it is amazing what they can create.
My goals for kindergarten this year: Staying creative, flexible, open and most importantly keeping our hunger for learning and exploring alive and well.

(Some of our homeschooling moments from last year.)

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