Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Herb Learning

We have been exploring herbs and wild edible plants as part of our homeschooling adventures. We love this kid's herb book and I highly recommend it 
As we learn more, we have grown more connected to all plants, we have learned about wild edible plants and enjoy finding them in our back yard (like chickweed) and we have even learned to make our own healthy root beer from herbs. Jetta is more involved in taking care of the plants in the house and I can even find her talking to the plants and listening to what they have to say back. 
Another wonderful tool for learning about herbs that we found this year is a fun wild plant game.

This is a fun, non-competitive and cooperative game that the whole family can enjoy and learn the different wild herbs and their uses. http://www.learningherbs.com/wildcraft.html
We are also planting an herb garden and are in the process of learning how to make our own tea's and tinctures. Time to check on our seedlings and maybe go harvest a basket of chickweed for a yummy salad for lunch.

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