Saturday, March 03, 2012

today he's 5

What I love about this 5 year old:

:: The way he cracks himself up which in turn makes us all die laughing no matter what he has said.

:: How he loves to chase the garbage truck down the street on his bike on garbage day.

:: That he comes to the dinner table with muddy hands and rosy cheeks from playing outside all day.

:: His enthusiastic way of telling long stories that go on and on and on with such detail that I have a hard time following but he sure has it all figured out. His ideas flow so freely

:: His desire to kiss his brother hundreds of times each day

:: The way he can sit for hours listening to a good book read to him, and the way his breathing becomes so peaceful and rhythmical next to me.

:: The joy he has climbing and practically living in the trees

:: His willingness to enjoy almost anything from ballet to soccer to knitting.

:: How he loves making, playing with, breaking, and most of all fixing his toys

:: The way his eyes turn into little crescent moons when he smiles.

:: That he seems to truly love and enjoy life.

:: The way he and his sister play together all day. They really are best friends.

:: How he has embraced being a big brother.

:: His love for bugs and worms, He is unusually good at catching flies.

:: His level of concentration and commitment to the task at hand (as long as it involves tools).

:: The way he smiles sheepishly when caught red handed. How can you ever get angry with that face.

:: His love of a good snuggle on the couch.

:: The way he fits so perfectly into this family. I can't imagine a life without him.

Pilot has been a joy since he joined us 5 years ago. He came to us smiling and spends most of his day filling our lives with so much happiness. A part of me would like to stop time right now and savor this little boy for a while longer before he gets any bigger. Although I do not know what lies in our future, I can be sure with much certainty that who he is now is who he will always be. A loving, kind, fun, gentle, spunky, creative, loving, expressive person, who I am so glad I will always be able to call my son. Happy Birthday Pilot!

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Stunning Human Angel Pilot!!! I will never forget the moment of your birth 5 years ago--it was such a celebration to welcome you Here!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!